Many users who have repeatedly played with the cheats for Pubg will most likely be surprised why two identical Desync and GaySync cheats are posted on our website.

The answer is very simple, GaySync is an analogue of Desync, with exactly the same functionality.

The difference between them in the launcher, in the way of launch and of course in the price! GaySync v2 is much cheaper.

What exactly to buy - you already have to choose, in plain text saying GaySync is an analogue, Desync is the original, but both work perfectly.

Supported: Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10

Game Client: Steam | mail

Status: Undetected

Check whether this program works or not by the link:



  • Skeleton, Box, HP, Distribution
  • Nick of the enemy
  • Enemy weapon
  • The number of frags in the enemy
  • Lines from character to enemy


Vehicle esp

  • Name, Fuel, Durability, Distance



  • Weapons, Sights, Medicines, Mods, Backpacks, Helmets, Vests
  • Drop after the kill
  • Drop from the aircraft and its contents



  • Ability to change the position on the screen
  • The ability to change the appearance of the radar



  • Capture area (body, neck, head)
  • AIM button to choose from
  • The choice of smooth aiming depending on the distance
  • Choosing the speed of capturing the next target after the kill (if the target is to be near the killed enemy)



  • Flying cars
  • Turn Off Return (NO-RECOIL)
  • Shooting without reloading
  • Auto-loot


Unique features:

* Smart loot display (Loot ESP) - If there are certain things on a character or in a backpack, they disappear from ESP (Example: You picked up the machine - shotguns and pistols were gone from ESP).

Pros: less information on the screen, easier to find the necessary thing.

* Only the item closest to the character is displayed.

Pros: less information on the screen.

* Dynamic radar - When approaching enemies automatically changes scale.

Pros: there is no confusion on the radar, now you will never lose the enemy behind your back.

After payment you will receive detailed instructions on how to activate, launch and use the program. Which will come to you in the mail specified before payment.

You can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program.



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